Naomi Akers


Hi! I’m Naomi Akers, a Real Estate Agent, mother and community member of the beautiful Florida panhandle! A California native, I have lived in the Florida Panhandle since 1993. During this time, I have lived and/or worked between Panama City and Pensacola. I worked in retail for a few years before I began a job at a local tanning company. Over the course of 10 years, I went from a part time sales rep to the General Manager, responsible for operating all 5 tanning salons. When the tanning industry went under, I was lost and had no idea what I would do next in life. Since Real Estate had always been an interest of mine, I began studying the industry and market trends. The best decision I ever made was to take the Real Estate exam in 2016 and begin the journey that brought me here!

My success in retail, business management and Real Estate comes from my passion to serve people! My focus has always been on the customer/client. I have never been able to help people as much as I have as a Realtor. There is real joy in helping people achieve their dreams and doing so has always been my dream. With over $15 million sold, there is nothing else I would rather do!

When I am not working my dream job, I like to spend my free time fishing, horseback riding, traveling overseas, and renovating property. I have gained a lot of great friends through my career, community events, and life; with whom I get to enjoy these times with! I am looking forward to many more years, many more friends and many more dreams coming true!

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