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Expired Listing?

So your home has been on the market for 6 months, maybe even a year or maybe even longer. And much to your dismay, your house did not sell. It’s very common to feel defeated and especially unmotivated to try again. Now is the time to take an honest look at your home’s location, condition, floor-plan and overall presentation.

— Did you have the right photography?
— How many homes did you compete against and home many would you still have to compete against if
you re-listed?
— What are the average days on market and prices for the homes that did sell in the past 6 months?
— How many showings did you have and did they share feedback?
— Depending on the feedback, is there anything you can fix before going back on the market?
— Overall, how would you compare your overall presentation of your home with other listings?
— And lastly but most importantly, by removing all of your biases, would you yourself honestly pay the
asking price for your home?

These are just some of the questions that you should be able to discuss with your next Realtor. Whatever you do, if you truly want to sell and move, don’t give up! There’s a lot factors that can change the outcome of finally getting your property Sold! Just don’t make the same mistakes that might’ve caused your home not to sell the first time around. And most of the time, sticking to the fundamentals will greatly increase the chances of getting Sold! Location, location location… price, floor-plan, local demand of beds and baths, curb Appeal, fresh paint, de-clutter and then de-clutter some more and cleanliness. Now find the right local expert and Carpe Diem!

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