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Got Realtor?

When you hear the word “Realtor,” you may think of commission or think of a yard sign or probably more common, picture that HGTV show in your head.  And depending on the type of experience you or someone close to you has had with a Realtor, will determine your opinion of us.  One thing that I can assure you is that I’ve never met another Realtor or Broker who got their license and said, “Ok now how can I sell real estate without helping people.” Besides swearing in to a code of ethics, us Realtors enjoy every aspect of helping people, it’s by far the best part of the job!

Whether it’s helping a military family find that perfect home in 7 days, helping an expired listing finally get sold or helping a widow finally sell her As-Is home so she can move closer to family, there’s nothing more satisfying than to see people elated about moving on with their lives.  More often than not, helping people is what truly drives us!  And for you avid home owners, by now you’re probably good friends with your Realtor and will remain super loyal ’til days end.

Mainly because you remember that one memorable time where your Realtor came through for you by getting you top dollar on a sale or by getting you that super investment deal that out performed the stock market by 10%.  All in all, the next time you hear or see the word Realtor, may the ideas of Moving Forward or Great Helper come to mind.  Once again, all Realtors swear in to a code of ethics, what more validity can you ask for! We’re here to help and just know that we’ll soak in all the endorphins along the way!

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